Innovation and tradition

We have always successfully combined both principles in our work. Since its foundation in 2016 the RS International Bank has always further advanced progress – we are open to new developments in the worlds of credit and trade finance, open to progressive ideas and projects and are of course always keen to hear about new financial models.

Especially now in the age of globalization, of financial crises, of increasing inflation and the reorientation that is commonly being called for, reliable partners are extremely worthwhile who on the one hand represent stability and on the other hand combat inflation and the risks of volatile markets with progressive concepts. The latest developments have demonstrated that spreading assets between several institutions is imperative as financial crises can also cause larger market players great problems at any time. A combination of risk spreading and high quality product solutions in combination with traditional values such as independence, flexibility, cooperation and discretion will be key criteria for customers in the future.

Lean-efficient organization, high mobility, core competence, absolute confidentiality and secrecy as well as the option of offering services from distant places makes RSI Bank Plc a worthwhile partner both for business people and companies and in particular for private solutions.