Welcome Message Executive Chairman PRINCE MOUSTAPHA NDIAYE

"Wishing Warmest Welcoming to all visitors of this official website"

On this special occasion, as we celebrate the launch of Bank of RS International Ltd a subsidiary of RSI Group Of Banks, fully-sponsored and guaranteed by MVP Foundations Intercontinental Development, I would like to introduce you the new official website of this International Trade, Finance and Investment Bank.

Its primary aim is to promote and provide and useful information about our Offshore Banking as well as its principles, Bank activities, Electronic Payment Gateways and Investment Banking Services.

I hope that you will find this website to be informative and user-friendly.

Before we proceed any further, I would like to give you a brief overview of RSI Banking Group.

RS International Bank Limited is an International Bank which was established under the initiative of Renown Successful International Entrepreneurs, Financial, Economic and Industrial Tycoons, in order to support vigorously the international Corporate and Investment Banking systems.

At RSI Bank, we strongly believe that the increasing involvement of Global Consortiums, Enterprises and Companies in International Financial and Stock Markets will help to promote a sustainable future and actively participate in creating unique Providential Solutions of the multiple challenges, problems and crisis Businesses and Organizations are perpetually facing globally.

We are convinced that cross-border commercial activity provides a great number of benefits.

It creates jobs, raises incomes and standards of living, increases the innovative capabilities of market-based National, Regional, Continental and International Economies, and as an alternative consequence of all this, it boosts local, regional, national, and global economic growth.

And finally, global commercial exchange plays an important role in maintaining of worldwide peaceful, prosperous and stabilized environment.

This reality motivates us to continue building a robust structure that supports not just a modern, but a progressive and ethically-oriented organization around the world.

Maintaining and encouraging such an international business activity, that is why and where we invest our resources.

As a group, the RSI Banking Holdings, strongly believes that our organization is a lot more than just a group of peoples coming together for a common cause.

Ever since its creation in 2016, we have gone to great lengths by implementing new initiatives and developing new tools that keep us focused on the ever changing interests of international market players all around the Globe.

I am sure that now, in today's kind of economically structured world we are living in, it is just the right time to present to the business-society our new International Banking Solutions.

Coupled with our carefully selected experts, we have developed this initiative as all-encompassing code of conduct that reflects the universal principles of fair dealing and the best international practices in ethics and corporate responsibility.

It is aimed at empowering businesses and organizations around the world to be more strategic in promoting its commitment to sustainable and positive business practices in clear, simple and easily understandable terms for their partners, customers and the public at large..

I urge you to consider joining RSI Banking Group. I hope it will increase your worldwide performance and your ability to outcompete globally.

In conclusion, I just wanted you to know that we are continuing to work very assiduously to maintain RSI Banking Group at a world-class status that is responsive to the 21st movingly 22nd Century challenges of our global village.

We intend to develop and maintain efficient and flexible standardized solutions to meeting the needs of international business society.

We look forward to working with you on growing your involvement in the global marketplace through a collaborative and efficient partnership with the International Financial, Business, Trade and Philanthropic Organizations affiliated with MOM VISION PRODECA (MVP) and Teranga Grand Vision (TGV).

HRM Prince Moustapha NDIAYE
Executive Board Chairman Chairman of RSI Group Of Banks - World-wide and MVP Foundations Intercontinental Development.

About Us

RS INTERNATIONAL BANK is a registered banking institute and supervised by the Business Enterprise Authority Regulations 2013 of the Republic of the Gambia. We provide first-class financial services to our clients worldwide, focusing on private banking with a personal touch. RS INTERNATIONAL BANK is Private Banking and dealing with trade finance specialist with an established reputation as a dynamic and customer-driven provider of trade finance solution to corporate and individuals worldwide. Through its strong correspondent network and international offices located across the globe, Our Bank offers a unique environment in which trade finance opportunities are identified, innovatively structured and successfully executed. Its core competencies are the fields of trade financing including guarantees, standby- and/or letters of credit and warranties

Trade finance specialist..

Dynamic and customer-driven provider of trade finance solution to corporate and individuals worldwide. RS International Bank is dealing with trade finance specialist with an established reputation as a dynamic and…

Innovation and tradition

We have always successfully combined both principles in our work. Since its foundation in 2016 the RS International Bank has always further advanced progress – we are open to new…